The Captain’s Log – acadie (Dave Hutchinson)

Ahoy there me mateys!  I picked this sci-fi novella up from a local library as soon as I saw it was published by Tor.  I adore their novella line.  Five out of the six novellas nominated for the Hugo this year were published by them.  I have read four of them so far and highly enjoyed them all.

This particular story was published in 2017.  I have heard of Dave Hutchinson and have his work on me ports for plunder list but have not read any of it yet. I have to admit that the author’s name didn’t even register when I saw this.  I saw the sci-fi sticker and the Tor logo and snatched it up.

The premise is that a group of colonists, led by scientist Isabel Potter, fled Earth due to its restrictions on genetic engineering. The problem was that they stole a ship with colonists on it when they left.  Potter and the colonists’ descendants have been trying to eke a life outside of Earth’s influence for generations.  Duke Faraday, a lawyer, has been drawn into the conflict.  Why is Earth still hunting Potter and her gang?  Will they ever give up?  And what is Duke going to do about it?

It was a quick, fun read and I devoured it.  I absolutely loved the whole story, the set-up, the conflict, the ending, the writing style, the plot, and Duke himself.  A fabulous novella that ye should read if ye can.  I will certainly be picking up more work by Dave Hutchinson.  Arrr!

Side note:  For lists of the 2015/2016 novellas released by Tor click below.  I kinda want to read them all!  If any of me crew knows of a definitive list of novellas released after that please let me know!  Me search was fruitless. Publishing 2015/2016 Novella Lineup

Goodreads has this to say about the novel:

The first humans still hunt their children across the stars. Dave Hutchinson brings far future science fiction on a grand scale in Acadie.

The Colony left Earth to find their utopia–a home on a new planet where their leader could fully explore the colonists’ genetic potential, unfettered by their homeworld’s restrictions. They settled a new paradise, and have been evolving and adapting for centuries.

Earth has other plans.

The original humans have been tracking their descendants across the stars, bent on their annihilation. They won’t stop until the new humans have been destroyed, their experimentation wiped out of the human gene pool.

Can’t anyone let go of a grudge anymore?

To visit the author’s wiki page go to:

Dave Hutchinson – Author

To buy the book go to:

acadie – Book

To add to Goodreads go to:

Yer Ports for Plunder List

17 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – acadie (Dave Hutchinson)

  1. Picking up books based solely on the publisher’s logo has become such a big thing for me too hahahah I love the sound of Tor’s novellas every since y’all keep on reading and enjoying them. I’ll definitely need to find a moment to pick up a couple of them myself. Thanks for sharing this one. Sounds awesome!

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    1. It was awesome and had such a perfect ending. And yes ye should read some if novellas be yer thing. I used to think they were too short and didn’t really enjoy them. But now they are great bite-sized reading when ye don’t have a lot of time. I love them!
      x The Captain

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    1. I just wish they had a complete list of all the novellas they have published under their novella line. I am on a mission. I think I will actually contact the publisher to get one if they have it. And if they don’t then they should remedy that.
      x The Captain

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  2. I love sci-fi short stories and novellas. In so many ways they are better stories (aka better edited with tighter plots) than their longer counterparts. Thanks for the rec on this one!

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