The Captain’s Log – trading in danger (Elizabeth Moon)

Ahoy there me mateys!  I have been wanting to read a book by this author forever and was going to start with the novel, cold welcome.  I heard about the book from the review by Sarah @ brainfluff and immediately added it to the list.  Where it sat.  It sat there long enough for Sarah to review the second book in the series.  By luck or coincidence, I had just picked up cold welcome to read when I saw Sarah’s review of book two which ended with “This is recommended for fans of science fiction thrillers – though ideally, you should first read the Vatta’s War series and Cold Welcome.”  I hadn’t realized there was another series and I trust Matey Sarah.  So I immediately put cold welcome on the back burner and got ahold of this one instead.

I absolutely loved it.  I sat and read avidly and completed the book in one session.  The novel started out with a bang.  The protagonist, Vatta, is expelled for military school but doesn’t know why.  How cool is that?  Sent home in disgrace, her wealthy family gives her a pity mission.  She has to Captain a cargo ship to a port where she will deliver the cargo and then sell the ship for scrap.  Her crew are all older and it is supposed to be a milk mission to let time pass and Vatta’s disgrace fade out of the media spotlight.  But Vatta has other ideas which of course don’t go according to plan.

Vatta was a fantastic protagonist – intelligent, clever, calm-under-pressure, and resourceful.  But she does make mistakes and has fears and concerns.  I loved watching her grow during the course of the book.  I thought the other crew members were excellent characters too if mostly in the background.  The plot was excellent and fun.  This was a perfect read in a perfect moment.  I will certainly be reading more of this series.  Arrr!

Side note: I thought this was the first book I had ever read by the author.  But apparently she also wrote the Paksenarrion series.  I read omnibus, the deed of paksenarrion, back in the day.  Sadly, me only memories of these books were that I liked them.  Nothing more in me noggin’ about it.  Sigh.

Amazon has this to say about the novel:

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Elizabeth Moon – Author

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trading in danger – Book

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Yer Ports for Plunder List

13 thoughts on “The Captain’s Log – trading in danger (Elizabeth Moon)

      1. I am delighted! It’s been a rough week, what with one thing and another – you enjoying this book so much really put a smile on my face when I really needed it:)). Thank you for making sure I got to know how much you loved it!

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