Shiver me Timbers!

Ahoy there me mateys!  So there have been rough seas lately with the additional trouble of feeling under the weather.  When not fighting fer survival so me and the crew didn’t capsize,  I was shivering in me bunk lamenting me physical state and trying not to keel over.  The storm has subsided a bit so I again be interested in the larger world outside me littl’ patch of ocean.  And so when checkin’ in with me crew in other places of the world, I saw this:


It was a sight fer sore eyes and limbs!   There is now sunshine on the horizon and a jaunty feel in me step.  So welcome to me crew ye new scalawags, seadogs, and fellow explorers!

Always remember:

Q: What did the pirate say during the winter storm?

A: Thar she snows!

Hardy har har!

x The Captain

38 thoughts on “Shiver me Timbers!

    1. Sadly the rum didn’t help. I ended up getting the nasty flu for real. One week later and getting out of the bunk is difficult. Though the readin’ time increased substantially so there be a small silver linin’ in a small tiny cloud in the midst of the gray nasty storm clouds of a hurricane.
      x The Captain


  1. Sorry you’ve been poorly and I hope that now you’ve staggered out of your state room, you’re feeling a LOT better! Delighted to hear of your 500 followers – congratulations, it’s thoroughly deserved:)

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  2. My sympathies on being (sea) sick. Getting over something myself and my goodness, it doesn’t take much to knock one down, does it?

    And wicked congrats on 500 followers! Big round numbers like that are always nice to find in a treasure box…

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