Dead Men Tell No Tales – skitter (Ezekiel Boone)

Ahoy there me mateys!  I know that I just reviewed the first novel of this series, the hatching, yesterday.  But I just couldn’t help but need more of the swarm of massive creepy flesh eating spiders.  I had to know what happened next!  This review won’t contain spoilers but well it does talk about a sequel so if ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril . . .

So first of all, this is a series where ye should definitely read book one first.  Secondly I did not know this series was a trilogy.  I thought it was a duology.  So yes this book does have a middle book feel but not in a bad way – not at all.

The first book was action packed and the spiders were nasty.  That book would be what I call the first wave.  This book is what I would call the calm before the storm at high seas.  Ye know that hurricane is coming but all ye can do is batten down the hatches, hunker down, and prepare fer the worst that mother nature has to offer.  And the glimpse of the skittering that mother nature may have to offer in the next book is terrifying indeed.

Book two had a completely different feel as the first but was just as awesome.  It has action, politics, revisiting old acquaintances (hello spider scientist!), some new characters, some new characters that become spider food, and above all – a building of tension.  The fear in the air is thickening, the skies are growing dark, and the hurricane headed yer way might not just be a solitary storm on the horizon.  Prepare to die and meet Davy Jones!

Of course despite the odds, I want to always go down fighting.  I cannot wait to see if the world is going to survive day zero with the spiders.  It’s looking grim.  Sadly I will have to wait until book three comes out on February 27, 2018 to watch it all unfold.  Good news is that ye can catch-up on the story in the meantime.  Arrr!

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I usually put the synopsis of the novel here but this one was too spoilery fer me tastes.  So ye will have to read this novel to find out what happens fer yerself.  Arrrr!

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      1. I think I’ll have to crack and get hold of them – though maybe when the grandchildren aren’t around – they LOATHE spiders and I’m sure the covers would cause a big old fuss!

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