Shiver me Timbers! A Sad Day . . .

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce the flag will be flying at half mast today.  Only a short while ago, I introduced y’all to the newest members of me crew.  This morning after a gallant and courageous fight, we lost our lovely Junius Brutus i.e. “J.B.”, swab.  Though she be but little she be fierce.

While “Admiral” Hezekiah is the brash and crazy challenger who barrels into everything, J.B. was the quieter calculating one of the two.  It was she who always was the first to explore a new situation.  It was she who cunningly got herself in and out of scrapes.  She took a while to warm up to ye but was loyal and stalwart if ye earned her trust.  Above all she was always purring.

What the First Mate and I learned today was that J.B. was more amazing then we even knew.  She apparently had a spinal condition since birth that she didn’t let stop her.  As she was growing the pain became worse.  And yet she never complained.  It just finally became too much and caused her to fall out of the rigging without warning which further damaged the vertebra in her back.  She couldn’t use her back legs any longer.

Even then she be me fierce and determined fuzzy mate.  She did not want to give up.  Even in all that pain, she purred every moment that we had left with her.  Hezekiah was there by his sister’s side with encouragement and kisses for as long as he could be.  Me little kitten with the big heart had to let go of this world fer a bigger adventure where we couldn’t follow.

We were with her until the end.  She put her head on the First Mate’s head to comfort him and I held her until she let go.  She purred until the last second.  Ye see we may have only known J.B. for 69 days but that time was truly a treasure.  Nothing in the world would make me give up the time I had with her even though the hole in me heart be a grave one.

I know that time will cause me heart to scar and that I will survive but I wish more than anything that I could hear her purr forever.  Ye will be mightly missed J.B.  We will continue to look after yer crazy brother, Hezekiah as ye would have wished.  We will try our best.  We will love ye always.  So raise yer grog towards this beloved crew member.  I just know that I will always be looking to hear her purr in the wind . . .

Junius Brutus i.e. “J.B.”, swab

In honor of J.B., one last smile

Always remember:

Q: Who is the pirate’s favorite cat?

A: Gaaarrrrrrfield!

Hardy har har!!

x The Captain

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