Shiver me Timbers! A treasure hunt!

Ahoy there me mateys!  While I was away sailing on the high seas, an amazing thing happened:


Four hundred followers!  How cool is that?  So in honor of the occasion, I be thinkin’ that it be time to divvy up some loot.  Any of me crew can try for their fair share.  So here we be drawin’ lots for the following treasure:

A Sci-Fi (or Two):

If ye be interested in sailing to the stars or just want to find out what that SyFy show is all about then this bundle of leviathan wakes (book 1) and abaddon’s gate (book 3) are fer ye.  It would have included book 2 but I be afeard that it washed overboard . . .

Click Here for A Chance at this Sci-Fi Treasure!

A Fantasy Book

If fantasy and alternate worlds be yer wish then try fer the mirror empire.

Click Here for A Chance at this Fantasy Booty!

A Young Adult

Princesses, Witches, Dragons, and Knights, oh my!  Perhaps pennyroyal academy floats yer boat.

Click Here for A Chance at this Young Adult Loot!

A Thriller with Sci-Fi Elements:

Or perhaps ye need something that crosses genres and is slightly Off the Charts, then perhaps ye will enjoy brilliance.

Click Here for A Chance at this Off the Charts Swag!

So welcome to me crew ye scalawags, seadogs, and fellow explorers!  This draw will last for one week whereupon the results will be tallied and the booty be divided.

Always remember:

Q: How do pirates know that they are pirates?

A: They think so, therefore they Arrrrrrr!

Hardy har har!

x The Captain

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