Ports that be Plundered – a Swag Tally

Ahoy there mateys.  Now yesterday’s log led me to revisiting a very old list of ports that this pirate wanted to plunder.  So I thought that today I would do a tally to see what swag I managed to snag and what other ports remain to be discovered.  So there be 20 ports total . . .

Ports Visited (links to me reviews):

  1. the testing trilogy (Joelle Charbonneau) – this be featured in me second 3 Bells trilogy showcase: the testing (Book 1), independent study (Book 2), and graduation day (Book 3)
  2. need (Joelle Charbonneau)
  3. the rising (Ian Tregillis, a sequel to the mechanical)
  4. saturn run (John Sandford and Ctein)
  5. the girl with the ghost eyes (M. H. Boroson)
  6. soundless (Richelle Mead)
  7. front lines (Michael Grant)
  8. truthwitch (Susan Dennard)
  9. illuminae (Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff)
  10. walk on earth a stranger (Rae Carson)
  11. the masked truth (Kelley Armstrong)
  12. a thousand nights (E.K. Johnston)

Ports Still Ripe for Plundering (links to Goodreads):

  1. the storm (Virginia Bergin, a sequel to H2O)
  2. empire ascendant (Kameron Hurley, sequel to the mirror empire)
  3. valour (John Gwynne, sequel to malice)
  4. ruin (John Gwynne, sequel to valour)
  5. forget tomorrow (Pintip Dunn)
  6. once again (Cameron Dokey and Liz Braswell)

So 14 out of 20 is not awful.  I am not sure if or when I will get to the remaining 6.  None of them currently strike me fancy.  If any crew members want to link to their reviews of any of the 20, I would be delighted to read them.  As for the 14, reading them has added these other ports to the list that never can be tamed:

More Ports to Plunder (links to Goodreads):

  1. the liberation (Ian Tregillis, a sequel to the rising)
  2. silver stars (Michael Grant, a sequel to front lines)
  3. windwitch (Susan Dennard, a sequel to truthwitch)
  4. like a river glorious (Rae Carson, sequel to walk on earth a stranger)
  5. missing (Kelley Armstrong)
  6. spindle (E.K. Johnston, a companion to a thousand nights)

So if ye made it this far, I am off to adventure and perhaps read another book.  Always remember:

Q: Why is it so hard for pirates to learn to read?

A: Because they spend months and months at C.

Hardy Har Har!

x The Captain

4 thoughts on “Ports that be Plundered – a Swag Tally

  1. Avast ye – this is a timely reminder that I need to catch up with the Tregilis series – I loved the Mechanical so don’t know why I’ve delayed – well other than too many books and not really enough time.
    Lynn 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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