The Captain’s Log – forest of ruin (Kelley Armstrong)

Ahoy there me mateys!  This novel is the conclusion to the Age of Legends series.  If ye haven’t read any of this series then ye might want to skip this post and go read the first book, sea of shadows.  Worth the read.  If ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril.

forest of ruin (Kelley Armstrong)

I love Kelley Armstrong!  The first book of this trilogy was the first book I ever read by her.  I was hooked.  I also loved the sequel empires of the night.  This book was a very satisfying ending to the trilogy.

I continue to adore the twins, Moria and Ashyn.  In this novel their experiences in the previous books have certainly changed their viewpoints of the world and how they make choices.  While they are still flawed, as all humans are, both girls continue to grow towards the strong independent leaders they will one day become.

In general, this novel had some plot points that were rather predictable especially in terms of the villain’s shenanigans.  But I still enjoyed the overall journey and the ending was lovely.  The romance aspects of the story were handled and resolved very much to my satisfaction.

Also mehaps the story made me a little teary in the telling.  Or was that just the salty wind in me eye?

I would love to see future stories of the scalawags in this world.  In any case, this is in me mind a strong enjoyable young adult fantasy series that should get more hype.

Now normally me mateys, I would post a blurb of the novel here but the blurb for this one gives too much of the story away!

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