Broadside No. 9 – an author advertisement

Hear ye hear ye me mateys!  I announce an additional broadside to me Captain’s log.  What is a broadside ye ask?  Traditionally: A broadside is the side of a ship, the battery of cannon on one side of a warship; or their coordinated fire in naval warfare. From the 16th century until the early decades … Continue reading Broadside No. 9 – an author advertisement


The Captain’s Log – when the moon was ours (Anna-Marie McLemore))

Ahoy there me mateys!  The beautiful cover is what drew me to this novel: When I read the book blurb, I was intrigued.  And yet nothing could have prepared me for the impact this novel would have on me.  It is magical realism at its best. The book is the story of two best friends, … Continue reading The Captain’s Log – when the moon was ours (Anna-Marie McLemore))

Abandon Ship – metaltown (Kristen Simmons)

It is time to abandon ship me mateys! metaltown (Kristen Simmons) Another book I just couldn't bring meself to finish.  This is a young adult dystopian novel.  The book has a interesting premise of young teens and children fighting against the establishment so that they can have basic rights like a less dangerous workplace, food, … Continue reading Abandon Ship – metaltown (Kristen Simmons)