The Captain’s Log – kings of the wilderness (M.J.R. Parr)

Ahoy there me mateys!  We continue our tale from yesterday of:

kings of the wilderness – the 700th arc book one (M.J.R. Parr)

This is a rather large undertaking at 436 pages, but I devoured it in two days.  Well, perhaps “devoured” is not the right word.  Savored, absorbed, relished . . . well whatever the description, I highly enjoyed this debut novel.

It is not your traditional sci-fi novel.  It is rather slow-burning and builds the world gradually with lots of descriptive passages intertwined with bursts of action.  I rather liked that structure was a slowly unlocking puzzle.  Most of this novel sees the characters traveling through and around a forest.  Ye don’t really get any major explanations until after the 60% mark.  And when ye do, it takes the form of a campfire story.

Now normally that kinda thing would drive me nuts but for some reason it just worked an’ fit me mood.  The author states that it is an adventurous dystopian sci-fi with elements of horror.  Yes, to dystopian sci-fi.  Yes, that it has characters on an adventure.  I can also see how other people would see elements of horror in the creatures of the world.  I wasn’t afeared of them so much, but they are certainly used effectively to make the story very suspenseful at times.  I found the mix of “normal” animals like deer and weirder ones like shamroths to be one of me favorite things.  Oh, and the weather.  I found the setting’s harsh weather to be appealing and I liked readin’ about it.  Again something that would normally get old but didn’t in this version.

I particularly loved the beginning of the novel and how both protagonists are introduced.  The two main characters are Leo Janus and Luther Kelly.  I love how their stories unfold and it was fascinating to see how both scalawags managed to get themselves out of scrapes over and over again.  Though some of this is a little unbelievable and damn lucky, I was still entertained.

The flaws of the novel would likely be the pacing for some, the descriptiveness for others, and the lack of female perspectives.  Now do not get me wrong, strong females exist in minor roles in this novel but the story is still told through the eyes of the two men.  Two very manly men in terms of their survival skills and abilities.  But this Captain does not mind readin’ from the male perspective and Leo especially floated me boat.  I enjoyed the side characters, most of the political wrangling, and even the cliff hanger of an ending.  Sheesh!

The novel might not be to yer taste but if yer a sci-fi lover then ye should at least give it a chance.  Ye may end up liking it as much as I did.

The conclusion of this salty yarn is on the brink of tomorrow . . .

Goodreads has this to say about the novel:

The volatile moon of Scion is beset by spectacular eclipses, violent storms and powerful oceanic shifts. For those crushed beneath the technological might of the Erodyian Empire, these are merely the backdrop to a life of brutal hardship.

The kingdom of Symeria is collapsing, strangled in the all-powerful grip of the empire’s enigmatic – and inhuman – dictator. Commanding a platoon of seasoned rangers, disgraced Lieutenant Leo Janus is dispatched to Erodyia’s untamed jungle on a mysterious reconnaissance mission.

But a young refugee named Luther Kelly also wanders this hostile wilderness, trying to unravel secrets more personal. As their paths threaten to collide, both men face dangers and revelations far greater than either could have imagined…

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