Curiosities of the Deep – kings of the wilderness (M.J.R. Parr)

kings of the wilderness – the 700th arc book one (M.J.R. Parr)

Well me mateys, here be another Curiosity of the Deep for your perusal.  For those new to me crew, this be a category for those novels whose stories of acquisition be strange and unusual – like the time someone commandeered me 12 pages!  This be the start of another adventure.  One told in three days.

On this day we go back to a dark and stormy night when I when I was contacted by a strange rascal with a intriguing proposal . . .

Arrr! Ahoy there Captain, a pleasure to be tradin’ scrolls with ye this fine day. Mighty fine blogship ye’re running there. Word over the waves is that ye like readin’ books, and have a skill for it too. Well, might be the case I have somethin’ that might be of interest for yer captain’s log.

It goes by the name of Kings of the Wilderness, and it’s an adult adventure/action thriller, with elements of horror, set against a dystopian sci-fi backdrop. It’s available on Amazon via Kindle Unlimited ( [1]), but I’ll happily email you an .epub or .mobi version if you’re interested.

*Cough cough* Bein’ the sort who relishes a life o’ freedom, carvin’ himself a path amongst the waves, I’m a self published author by choice, but I have high standards for me ventures. I’d not publish a novel under my name that was anything less than professionally produced. Hopefully my front cover design and prose will be enough to assure you of this should you choose to investigate further!

Thank ye for yer time and consideration. Arrrrr!

M.J.R. Parr


Well this Captain always be intrigued by the idea of a new adventure.  The description of a mix of adventure & horror & dystopian & sci-fi got me interest.  Plus a little flattery never hurt.  A polite solid request this be and so after some scoutin’ around for information about the writer, I replied with me terms . . .

Ahoy there matey!

I am back from loot and plunder and was pleasantly surprised to find a scroll from a scalawag like yerself waiting for me in port.  I am always looking for new ports to plunder and shiny baubles to enjoy.  I am not adverse to reading the work of a rogue adventurer who travels against the waves.  Yer work certainly sounds like an odd mix and does pique me fancy.  I would be willing to take a chance on ye with some stipulations:

1.  This Captain always be blunt and honest.  I try to be polite as it is good for me business, but if I don’t like it then ye are going to know.

2.  I have been known to abandon ship and tell novels to walk the
plank.  If ye haven’t, I suggest ye look at some of those reviews on
me log to see the rantings that such novels bring out in me.

3.  That being said, since ye entertained me thus far and took a chance on this salty sea Captain, I am willing to not post a review if I for some chance do not find ye scribblings to me taste.  Yer first review on Amazon does not have to be negative.

4.  Though if I love yer work then I am happy to tell everyone so.

5.  Oh and no specific timeframe for when the review/reading occurs.  If a matey gives me a novel then it gets priority, but I have quite a few that came first.  And I happen to read according to me mood so there is that, too.

If ye are agreeable to the terms and still feel that this Captain be a good fit to try yer novel then feel free to join me crew and send me an e-version of whatever format would work on me kindle.  If ye have read all this and consider me too crazy or not right to read yer work
then tell me so.  Again I appreciate honesty and there will be no hard feelings.  In either case, ye brought joy to me day in the form of yer scroll and so I am grateful for that.  May the wind always be at yer back.

x The Captain

Well said scalawag read these terms and responded with . . .

Arr ’tis an honour to hear from the Captain herself! I hope yer lootin’ and plunderin’ was richly rewarding, as such honest work deserves to be. I’ve been doing a bit meself on distant shores this fine week, hence me rather laggard and rum-troubled parrot. If he manages to wend his bleary way ye should find a hefty and mystically-encoded scroll clutched in his wizened claw for yer leisurely perusin’.

Thank ye much for your candour Captain, I’ll be dabbin’ me quill to yer terms then. I appreciate yer time whether ye find it to yer likin’ or otherwise. Either way I’ll look forward to yer thoughts, for yer rantins are as much a pleasure as yer praisins.

May the wind always be at yer back also, Captain, I’m glad my scrawlins put a smile upon yer face and can assure you likewise.

Matey Parr

So terms be accepted, a new member added to me crew, and a new find added to me hold.  So what did I think of me new catch?  Check out me log tomorrow . . .

x The Captain

8 thoughts on “Curiosities of the Deep – kings of the wilderness (M.J.R. Parr)

  1. You did it!! 😀 I had to smile and laugh so hard, me face hurts! Now there’s just an offer you can’t refuse eh? What a wonderful request! HIGH PRAISE for you and Matey Parr (he really has his last name going for him as a pirate eh?!)

    Liked by 2 people

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