Captain’s Log – rebel of the sands (Alwyn Hamilton)

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rebel of the sands (Alwyn Hamilton)

This was a cute and fun debut novel.  I kinda want a Buraqi of my own if only they didn’t seem so magnificent running wild and free through the desert.

It was neither a quick read nor a major page turner for me overall.  It didn’t drag either though.  I did adore the main character, Amani, and her gun toting ways.  The relationship between Jin and Amani was enjoyable. The best part of the book for me was how they meet at the gun pit and what happens there, which of course happens at the very beginning of the book.  This book’s plot twist in the middle was completely a surprise though maybe it shouldn’t have been.  But the worldbuilding and overall character development just wasn’t strong enough for me.  I kept comparing it to a thousand nights and it kept coming up short.

That said, I liked the book and am glad I read it.  It was certainly lighter and fluffier than a lot of the other young adult books out there that’s for sure.  It is the first of a trilogy.  At this point, I believe I would read the second one though we shall see if that changes when the next one comes out . . .

Side note: this review is shorter than usual because follower blogger Liam @ heyashers! has a review that sums up my feelings about this book completely.  You can click on it here!

The author’s website says this about the novel:

Sixteen-year-old sharpshooter Amani Al’Hiza never doubted she’d escape the miserable one-horse desert town where she was born. Getting out had always been the plan. But she never figured she’d wind up running for her life—with a boy wanted for treason. When Amani enters a disastrous shooting contest against Jin, a rakish foreigner, she has no idea of his connection to the ongoing war between the ruthless Sultan of Miraji and his exiled son, the Rebel Prince. But soon the pair are fleeing across a desert crawling with vicious bandits, terrifying ghuls, and powerful djinni, and the Sultan’s army is getting closer every day. When Amani and Jin stumble across the ruins of a town destroyed by an unearthly fire, it’s clear the war’s stakes are higher than either of them realized. The Rebel Prince has a secret weapon, and now he wants Amani to join his revolution. All Amani ever wanted was to escape the desert and find adventure—but will the desert let her go?

To visit the author’s webpage visit:

Alwyn Hamilton – Author

To buy the novel go to:

rebel of the sands – Books

8 thoughts on “Captain’s Log – rebel of the sands (Alwyn Hamilton)

  1. “I kinda want a Buraqi of my own if only they didn’t seem so magnificent running wild and free through the desert.”

    I am right there with you.

    And I also agree about the gun pit being the best scene in the entire book; I was 100% on board throughout that scene. Hopefully the sequel can get that energy and tension back, and put it to good use. 🙂

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  2. I doubt it. I haven’t really seen many overly positive reviews… Many have mixed feelings or didn’t care for it. I have too many other books on my TBR list to get through before I’d consider picking this one up.

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