3 Bells – champion (Marie Lu) Book 3

Ahoy me mateys!  Grab your grog!  Here is book 3, the conclusion, of the fourth installment of the 3 Bells trilogy showcase.  When ye hearties are finished this post, click on the sea shanty below and celebrate the success of the fourth 3 Bells feature with ye Captain.

champion (Marie Lu)

What a fantastic conclusion overall!  I have to say that I liked this series’ ending way better then the hunger games, divergent series, or the testing trilogy.  I mean, each of those trilogies were fun in their own way and I loved reading them but I think all three of them were lacking, specifically with the third books. (Disagree with me in the comments if you so choose).

Now while I won’t spoil the ending, that likely most of you already know about, I will say that it was both bittersweet and yet hopeful.  I just loved what the author chose to do here.  The sacrifice of June and the potential resolution were lovely.  It just felt more realistic than other series.  I also appreciated that we got to see a sort of decision to how June and Anden resolved their outstanding issues.  Fun.

Now the book was a little bit slow in pacing in the middle on how it dealt with the Eden situation and especially the cure.  In addition, the fighting sequences in this book were just okay.  But small potatoes, really.  The peace treaty ended up setting up an interesting solution.  It was not something that I saw coming at all.

I will admit that I would have loved more of how and why Antarctica works the way it does.  The glimpse we had of it was tantalizing.  I want to know about the points system and what people do there.  Please write us a book set there, Miss Lu!

In any case, I am so glad I finally joined the rest of the planet in reading this series.  Yay!

Now normally I would post a summary of the novel here. But as this is the conclusion of a trilogy where the summaries online basically tell the plot, I am skipping the summary so you can find out what happens for yourself . . .

To visit the author’s website and blog go to:

Marie Lu – Author

To buy this book visit:

champion – Book

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4 thoughts on “3 Bells – champion (Marie Lu) Book 3

  1. It’s such a relief to hear that the trilogy ends well! That’s another reason why I’ve been reluctant to keep reading; I really enjoyed the first book, and didn’t want to see the series crash and burn. Great review! 🙂

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