3 Bells – prodigy (Marie Lu) Book 2

Ahoy me mateys!  Grab your grog!  Here is book 2 of the fourth installment of the 3 Bells trilogy showcase.

prodigy (Marie Lu)

Some fun geeky things about book two.  It has a map!  I know, I know, a lot of books have maps these days.  But this one was fun because I am so not a visual person and I loved seeing a picture of how the United States was divided and how the landscape changed.  Additionally the book had better fonts (I read the hardbacks).  Why should this matter?  Because in the first book the character Day had his point of view chapters in a brownish font and June’s were in black.  I understand how for most people would be fine with this but I am rather blind and the brown hurt my eyes.  Book two was much nicer to me and had black again for June and a blue color for Day.  Made me happy.

Now as for the story itself, I enjoyed book two much better than the first.  This book was full of the facts that I wanted like more history of the Republic and a better understanding of exactly how the Colonies were different (and similar for that matter).  The relationship between June and Day is filled with its trials and tribulations which overall kept me feverishly up reading as much as book one did.  This one overall was rather action packed and the story flowed nicely.

The other pleasant aspect of this novel from being more familiar with the characters was how different certain aspects of the storytelling helped differentiate between Day and June.  Each chapter still alternated points of view between the two and I really did enjoy that element.  June’s chapters, however, tended to show her sense of timing and specialized training in the details.  Details like how much time has gone past to the seconds or in her surroundings like how much a rug in the room cost in Notes.  Day’s chapters had less detail about time or environment but it did not lessen his character.  There was just a focus on other things like the people around him and he seemed more emotionally based.  And while book two ended somewhat how I expected in terms of the seeming outcomes of relationships, there was a nice twist I hadn’t quite expected and that I truly enjoyed.  Have to read the third book!

Now normally I would post a summary of the novel here.  But as this is a sequel where the summaries online basically tell the plot, I am skipping the summary so you can find out what happens for yourself . . .

To visit the author’s website and blog go to:

Marie Lu – Author

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prodigy – Book

3 thoughts on “3 Bells – prodigy (Marie Lu) Book 2

  1. Sad to hear you are slightly blind😔
    Amazing how many books you read

    And how interesting your blog is

    Thank you for your time

    I enjoy your opinions

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