Dead Men Tell No Tales – reboot (Amy Tintera)

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reboot (Amy Tintera)

I heard about the book from fellow blogger Stefanie @ yourdaughtersbookshelf.  The premise sounded super interesting so I immediately e-booked it from a local library.

So basically a virus called KDH has swept across the country.  It kills almost everyone but some come back to life i.e. “reboot.”  The longer the person was dead, the stronger they return.  But the less human-like they are.  Less emotions to get in the way.

The main character, Wren 178, is the strongest Reboot to have ever come back.  She is fierce, deadly, and barely human.  She follows along with everything HARC (the ruling body) has her do with no complaint and very little thought beyond being the best at what she does.  Then one day she makes a decision to train Callum 22 and her life as a Reboot will never be the same.

I actually adored the idea of people rebooting.  The Reboots are controlled and used in an army like atmosphere.  Regular humans are terrified of them and even HARC personnel have weapons trained on them at all times.  Disobeying = death.  I enjoyed the enhanced features of the Rebooted especially.

But I have to say that while I enjoyed the concept in particular and reading the book overall, I did have some problems with the novel.  The relationship between Wren 178 and Callum 22 annoyed me quite a bit.  Callum 22’s influence causes Wren 178 to rediscover her humanity and feelings.  That part was interesting.  However the actual interactions between the two of them left something to be desired.  Lots of kissing and not enough thought provoking conversation or really psychology even.  Wren 178 rediscovering her feelings just seemed to leave her confused and unable to do anything most of the time.  Not necessarily an illogical choice.  I guess what I am saying is that their relationship seems too bound by their sexual feelings for each other and not enough through actually knowing each other.  I mean sometimes it just seems like Callum 22 is just a cute puppy that Wren 178 has to save.

Oh and the experiments on the Reboots were just weird and to my mind could have been taken out of the book altogether.  Seemed like a convenience of the plot to get Wren 178 where she needed to be.  Though again, I did enjoy the novel.  I might even read the sequel.

To get a different perspective from mine, read the review of Stefanie @ yourdaughtersbookshelf that started this all by clicking here!

Amazon has this to say about the novel:

In this fast-paced dystopian thrill ride . . . a seventeen-year-old girl returns from death as a Reboot and is trained as an elite crime-fighting soldier . . . until she is given an order she refuses to obey.

Wren Connolly died five years ago, only to Reboot after 178 minutes. Now she is one of the deadliest Reboots around . . . unlike her newest trainee, Callum 22, who is practically still human. As Wren tries to teach Callum how to be a soldier, his hopeful smile works its way past her defenses. Unfortunately, Callum’s big heart also makes him a liability, and Wren is ordered to eliminate him. To save Callum, Wren will have to risk it all.

Wren’s captivating voice and unlikely romance with Callum will keep readers glued to the page in Amy Tintera’s high-stakes alternate reality.

To visit the author’s website go to:

Amy Tintera – Author

To buy the novel go to:

reboot – Book

2 thoughts on “Dead Men Tell No Tales – reboot (Amy Tintera)

  1. Great perspective! I agree there was a *little* too much kissing and not enough conversation, but they are teens, after all. :D. I laughed at Callum 22 being a puppy that Wren had to save – I think you are dead on, there. Thanks for the pingback!


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