3 Bells – the mark of the tala (Jeffe Kennedy) Book 1

Ahoy me mateys!  Grab your grog!  Here is book 1 of the third installment of the 3 Bells trilogy showcase.

the mark of the tala (Jeffe Kennedy)

So this is the first book in The Twelve Kingdoms series.  Apparently this novel is a fantasy romance.  I did not know this when I decided to read this trilogy.  This Captain does not normally read romance novels.  Books with romance in them are fine but books where the plot is secondary to the sex are usually just not my thing.  This novel had just enough of a good plot and also a fun main character, Andi, that I finished it.

I had picked up this series because each of the books is supposed to focus on a different sister.  This book focuses on the “invisible” middle sister.  I actually really liked Andi.  She is headstrong and intelligent and struggling to find her place in the world.  Her tenacity is what kept me reading to see how her story would end.

This story was not without flaws.  Andi finds out that she is tied by treaty to the land her mother is from.  Rayfe is of course the enemy Prince love interest.  About 2/3 of the book is the struggle between Andi wanting to give in to the passion she feels with Rayfe and the conflict of “betraying” her family.  The last 1/3 is after she with Rayfe is her trying to discover her powers.

I just wish so much of the book was not the internal struggle of Andi and focused more on the magic side of things.  Even how Andi learned her powers was sort of blah.  But I did like how the book ended and so I will read book two to find out what happens with sister number 2 . . .

The author’s website has this to say about the novel:

The tales tell of three sisters, daughters of the high king. The eldest, a valiant warrior-woman, heir to the kingdom. The youngest, the sweet beauty with her Prince Charming. No one says much about the middle princess, Andromeda. Andi, the other one.

Andi doesn’t mind being invisible. She enjoys the company of her horse more than court, and she has a way of blending into the shadows. Until the day she meets a strange man riding, who keeps company with wolves and ravens, who rules a land of shapeshifters and demons. A country she’d thought was no more than legend – until he claims her as its queen.

In a moment everything changes: Her father, the wise king, becomes a warlord, suspicious and strategic. Whispers call her dead mother a traitor and a witch. Andi doesn’t know if her own instincts can be trusted, as visions appear to her and her body begins to rebel.

For Andi, the time to learn her true nature has come. . .

To visit the author’s website go to:

Jeffe Kennedy – Author

To buy this novel go to:

the mark of the tala – Book

3 thoughts on “3 Bells – the mark of the tala (Jeffe Kennedy) Book 1

  1. Yeah, I’m not big into books that prioritize sex over plot, either.

    “Even how Andi learned her powers was sort of blah.”

    If you don’t mind giving spoilers, can I ask how it happened? (I’m curious, but I’m probably not going to pick up the books unless you think the series gets amazing.)

    Great review! =)


    1. I can give a little spoiler. Basically at first she has trouble reaching her magic (shape shifting among other things) unless her love interest is sexually stirring her up. Determined to figure it out for herself she sort of meditates and while in this trance abruptly figures everything out. It involved going to the bottom of the ocean and getting through traps that were so vague I am still not sure what they were. They involved weird crab-like things. Ugh. Kinda aggravates me even thinking about it. I hope you find the rest of this 3 Bells to be interesting.
      x The Captain

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That . . . sounds ridiculous. I just. I can’t even. No.

        But I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of this series 3 Bells! Whether the books turn out great or terrible, I know your reviews of them will be highly entertaining.


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