3 Bells – the bitter kingdom (Rae Carson) Book 3

Ahoy me mateys!  Grab your grog!  Here is book 3, the conclusion, of the first ever 3 Bells trilogy showcase.  When ye hearties are finished this post, clink on the sea shanty below and celebrate the success of the first 3 Bells feature with ye Captain.

the bitter kingdom (Rae Carson)

This was the last book in the Fire and Thorns trilogy – the first two being the girl of fire and thorns and the crown of embers. This was a great ending to a wonderful series. A lot of this novel takes place in the realm of the enemy, and it was excellent to see Storm’s homeland. Elisa finally grows into who she is supposed to be with some major surprises along the way. Romance blooms, politics are played, and a fight is had to reclaim a kingdom. This novel also gives us chapters from Hector’s point of view which just rocked. We even get a new gal character from the mountains who is spunky and helpful and fun. Now I am not usually a romantical sort of Captain when it comes to reading if it gets in the way of the plot, but I have to admit the romance was the highlight of this novel for me. I loved seeing the characters grow in their love for each other and the process that entailed. In fact I enjoyed how all the novels dealt with love and loss. I was highly satisfied with the conclusion of the story and the trilogy as a whole. I highly recommend all the books.

Now normally I would post a summary of the novel here. But as this is the conclusion of a trilogy where the summaries online basically tell the plot, I am skipping the summary so you can find out what happens for yourself . . .

To visit the author’s website go to:

Rae Carson – Author

To buy this book visit:

the bitter kingdom – Book 3

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