3 Bells – the crown of embers (Rae Carson) Book 2

Ahoy me mateys!  Grab your grog!  Here is book 2 of the new 3 Bells trilogy showcase.

the crown of embers (Rae Carson)

This was the sequel to the girl of fire and thorns. Book two was super fun. Elisa is still a muddle as a human and a leader. The politics are messy, the assassination attempts many, and choices made not necessarily the ones that you expected. Yet again I enjoyed watching Elisa make mistakes and learn as life progresses. The secondary characters also change and grow or diminish in ways I did not expect. Storm and Tristan in particular make me happy. Storm for his honesty and disgruntled nature. Tristan just because. The magic is explained a little more in terms of how it works and the religious aspects actually decrease in terms of explanation but the feeling of the prayer still appears in the undercurrents throughout.

Now normally I would post a summary of the novel here. But as this is a sequel where the summaries online basically tell the plot, I am skipping the summary so you can find out what happens for yourself . . .

To visit the author’s website go to:

Rae Carson – Author

To buy this book visit:

the crown of embers – Book 2

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