The Captain’s Log – black wolves (Kate Elliott)

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black wolves (Kate Elliott)

This wonderful novel is set in the Hundred. It is a new trilogy that begins twenty-two years after where her previous Crossroads series ended. If you have not read the Crossroads series first, then I suggest you do because it sets up the political wrangling and world-building that then sets the stage for this novel. The series is damn good besides.

Ms. Elliott is a fabulous world builder in my opinion. Her novels have depth of place and character. The world is populated with people of all backgrounds, religions, races, sexual orientations etc. People make mistakes and change and have consequences to their actions. There are lots of strong female characters. Even some to despise. I absolutely love the characters in this book. While Kellas is always a favorite, I loved the addition of the women Sarai and Lifka in particular. Sarai is intelligent, snarky, and daring. Lifka is loyal, loving, and generous. I could say more but I want readers to unwrap the layers and delicious stories of these women on their own.

The Crossroads series showed a world changing and in conflict. This new book shows some of the consequences of the previous conflict and how it evolved after the original “peace.” I loved that this book shows how in several generations the culture of a society can change enough that history itself becomes blurred and rewritten. It is an epic-scale novel that is character driven and not overburdened by its scope. I would highly recommend this novel, her Crossroads series, and any of her other series. The only one I have missed is the Crown of Starts series, which is on my list of problems to be remedied.

The author’s website says this about the books:

An exiled captain returns to help the son of the king who died under his protection in this rich and multi-layered first book in an action-packed new series.

Some choices can never be undone.

The Hundred, once ruled by a tainted religion and demon court, is now a place of prosperity, but treachery still waits in the shadows. Once the captain of the elite Black Wolves, Kellas finds himself standing at a crossroads where he must decide whom to serve and whom to betray. Faithful to the king’s memory but shut out from his legacy, Lady Dannarah fights for the rank she was denied, while three young outcasts leave their homes to find their own destiny.

As broken alliances are guardedly rekindled and old friendships put to the test, the Hundred’s past is called into question ­and its very future is at stake.

To visit the author’s website and blog visit:

Kate Elliott – Author

To buy this book from Amazon visit:

black wolves – Book

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