The Captain’s Log – death sworn (Leah Cypess)

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death sworn (Leah Cypess)

This was a wonderful young adult fantasy book. The main character, Ileni, is a sorceress who is sent to teach assassins how to use their magic skills. Except this sorceress is about to lose her powers and have no magic at all. She has volunteered for the position knowing that it is likely going to kill her. I have a soft spot for books about assassins and for strong female characters and for magic. This book even has some romance thrown in for those who like that sort of thing. Oh and can I add murder mystery. A hodgepodge of fantasy ideas put together in a delightful way. I would say that overall though this book is character driven with Ileni figuring out what her place in supposed to be in the world when the future she thought she was destined for falls through. While not a long book (I read it in a couple of hours) it was fun and engaging the entire time. The glimpse of the overall world building, while small, is enticing. I enjoyed this author’s book and am excited for the sequel once it comes out. Oh, in looking at the author’s site it IS out. Must track it down . . .

The author’s website says the following about the book:

Ileni is losing her magic. And that means she’s losing everything: her position as the rising star of her people, her purpose in life, and even the young man she loves. Sent to the assassins’ cave, hidden deep within the mountains, she expects no one will ever hear from her again. The last two sorcerers sent died within weeks of each other. Accidents? Or something more sinister? As Ileni navigates the dangers—both natural and human—of the caves, she’ll discover secrets that have been kept for decades. And she’ll find an ally in Sorin, the deadly young man who could be the assassins’ next leader. With Sorin determined to protect her, sparks—magical and romantic—will fly. But will even he understand the choice she must make in the end?

To visit the author’s website visit:

Leah Cypess – Author

To find out how the author came up with The Big Idea for the book after reading The Elenium, a trilogy by David Eddings visit, The Big Idea on John Scalzi’s blog at:

The Big Idea – death sworn

To buy this book from Amazon visit:

death sworn – Book

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