The Captain’s Log – the sign of the cat (Lynne Jonell)

Ahoy me mateys! A young adult fantasy yarn . . .

the sign of the cat (Lynne Jonell)

Adventures on the high seas, deception, surprises, a missing princess and a boy who can speak Cat. What is not to love? This young(er) adult fantasy book has a plucky young boy, Duncan, at the center of the action with his trusty kitten friend, Fia at his side. Duncan starts out on his journey as a young person just wanting to be allowed to succeed and to be allowed to be noticed despite his mother’s wishes. He soon gets what he desires and learns that not everything is as it seems. I enjoyed Duncan’s transition in this novel from dissatisfied but principled youth to mature young adult. The secondary characters of Duncan’s mother, his friend Betsy, and Brig in particular were lovely. Not to mention all of the cats and their quirky personalities and tricks. Trick # 8 ½ being one of my more favorites. Also a super nice touch when reading were the author’s own illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. They are charming and fun. The picture of Mr. Flu . . . I mean Spike! in particular made me laugh. I know this book is aimed towards younger readers (8 to 14 bah!) but if you are looking for a light easy read that revolves around the sea and cats and an epic adventure then this book is for you. I read it in a couple of hours and enjoyed every moment.

The author has this to say about the book:

Duncan McKay has a special talent—he can speak Cat, a skill that is useful when he hears rumors at a midnight cat council that kittens are disappearing mysteriously throughout the island kingdom of Arvidia.  But more than that is amiss.  The king is sick, the princess is missing, and Duncan himself has a fearful mother who instructs her son to never, ever do his best.  Putting his life in great danger, Duncan sails away on an epic quest to discover his true identity, restore justice to the kingdom, and save the country’s cats from a sinister kitten-squishing villain.

If you would like to read more about the author visit her site and blog at:

Lynne Jonell – Author

Her story teller bio is especially lovely and puts my about me page to shame.

To buy this book at Amazon visit:

the sign of the cat – Book

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